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  Contact : KATE CACKETT

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                                                      mobile : 07989575248

If you would like my help with your garden, please contact me by phone or e mail.

During our initial contact we will arrange a meeting in your garden.  I will send you confirmation of the date and a simple questionnaire for you to fill in about your ideas for your garden.

During my visit I will focus on how you would like your garden to look in the future. At the same time, I will gather all the information I need to choose plants that create that style, as well as thrive in your garden. This will include taking photographs, measurements and soil samples.

Following this visit I will send you a brief outline of the style discussed and a cost for designing the scheme, based on the size of the area.

On your agreement of this, I will draw up a bespoke planting plan with images of selected plants, provide a list of plants to buy and simple plant care guidance.

It will then be your choice where you source the plants. I am happy to give suggestions but cannot be held responsible for the quality of plant stock from these suppliers or nurseries, nor for their longevity once purchased.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Kate Cackett